Thursday, November 17, 2016

Carved And Ready!

Good morning!  We are going to have rain and/or snow today.  It's a good day to stay in and work!

I spent most of yesterday carving Lucky Girl's face.  I didn't go as deep as many people.  Since this is my first one I am taking a light handed approach to it.  I am not comfortable with the process yet and I'm afraid of ruining her.  It's very similar to my first time using mohair for a bear all those years ago.  Now...I will do pretty much anything to mohair without worry but back then I was very careful.

As promised I will tell you exactly what I have done and used.  I carved her face with an exacto knife, I used the blade that has the straight across edge.  The squareness of it was daunting at first because my brain thought the pointy edge would be better, but in the long run it wasn't.

I used 600 grit sandpaper to sand her carvings down, then I went back over it with 1000 grit to give her a satiny smooth finish.  I have sprayed on a base coat of MSC and I am ready to do the painting.  

I did get some wonderful inspiration just in time yesterday!  I had ordered the two "Little Mischiefs" books from Dolly Treasures  If you have not seen these books, they are so wonderful and filled with lovely Blythe dolls getting into all sorts of mischief!  You will be enchanted, I promise!

I also took time out to go to a movie since R is out of town.  I went to see "Arrival."  I enjoyed the movie, it was quite cerebral for an alien flick, but it was good.  I was torn between that and "Inferno" which I still want to see.  

I am off to *nervously* start painting Lucky Girl's face...wish me luck!

Hugs, Kelly

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